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Find the perfect bridle for your horse from our large range including performance bridles, horse bridles, pony bridles, horse bits, western bridles and show bridles. We also stock bridle accessories such as bits, breastplates and reins.
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  1. PVC Heavy Duty Pony Bridle

    Quality Australia made PVC bridle, with extra heavy duty materials. Solid brass buckles and rings. Available In PONY Only
  2. Anti Rearing Bit

    Port mouth anti rear bit. Full size only.
  3. Anti Rearing Bit Strap

    Anti Rearing Bit Strap
  4. Barcoo Brown PVC Pony Bridle

    Brown PVC Pony Bridle, Made from strong pvc and has brass buckles and rings for added strength.
  5. Barcoo Web Bridle - Aus made

    Aussie made webbing barcoo bridle using double layers of super strong polyprop webbing. Each piece of the bridle is double sewn for strength and durability. Solid brass buckles and rings are used. 3/4" (19mm)
  6. Black Leather Barcoo Bridle - Full Only

    GTL Leather Barcoo Bridle & Reins with Brass Buckles. BLACK ONLY
  7. Bradoon

    Loose ring snaffle bit.
  8. Browbands with Lapel

    PRICES VARY BETWEEN $100-$130 Hand Made to order Available in Pony Cob & Full & Mini Various Colours
  9. Brumby Barcoo Bridle - PVC

    A great all purpose style bridle made better with Leatherite's new Brumby webbing - Thanks to the new webbing, this bridle has a soft feel with leather-like texture, yet is still strong and flexible - even in low temperatures. Fitted with solid brass rings and solid brass buckles with stainless steel tongues for added durability. Brumby webbing is made in Australia, UV stabilised, and uses non-toxic, phthalate free polymers.
  10. Campdraft Reins

    Campdraft reins 6ft long and available in either 5 or 6 plait. The can be used everyday as well as competition. Locally made.
  11. Cavesson Bridle - Black

    English Cavesson Bridle Black Leather Bridle with cavesson noseband & non slip reins.Available in Cob & Full.
  12. Dexter Racing Bit

    Dexter racing bit with a 5" ring - Full Size
  13. Double Nylon Stockman Reins Loop End 6'

    Nylon Stockman Reins Loop End 6' (22Mm) Made from quality nylon with looped ends. Assorted colours. 6ft (1.8m) long, 7/8" (22mm) wide ($31.50) Assorted Colours.
  14. Dressage Eggbutt Bradoon

    Dressage Eggbutt Bradoon, small eggbutt rings and mouth piece
  15. Eggbutt Snaffle

    Eggbutt Snaffle, a bit used for the everyday horseperson.
  16. Eggbutt Snaffle-Lighweight

    Lightweight stainless steel, mouthpiece 23mm, rings 60mm.10.5cm - Shetland,11.5cm - Pony, 12.5cm - Cob, 13.5cm - Full, 14.5 - XL
  17. English Cavesson Bridle

    English Cavesson Bridle Dark Brown Leather Bridle with cavesson noseband & non slip reins. Available in Pony, Cob & Full.
  18. Ezy Hold Rein (Slobber Strap)

    Reins Ezy Hold 14Mm X 2.15M Loop End 14mm x 2.15m (7ft). (Ask Staff for available colours)
  19. Ezy Hold Weighted Campdraft

    Reins Ezy Hold Weighted Campdraft Loop (Brown) Specially designed campdraft rein with weighted hand part and loop ends. Complete with leather bit straps and leather flickers. Brown 14mm x 168cm - 7ft long.
  20. Flat Braided Cotton Reins 7' White & Black Available

    Flat Braided Cotton Reins 7' Flat braided one piece cotton reins 7' with nickel snap, great reins for polocrosse.
  21. Flat Braided One Piece Reins-7' Brass Snap

    One Piece 1" Flat Braided Reins - 7' Brass Snap Soft flat braided cotton reins with brass snap great for polocrosse.
  22. GTL Bridles PVC Exercise - NOW IN PINK

    Pvc Exercise Race Bridles NOW AVAILABLE IN PINK Made from PVC with strong fittings and lots of adjustment in cheek straps. Comes in full but will adjust to fit cob size. Doesn't have noseband. Asstd colours
  23. GTL Bridles Pvc Race Day Bridle

    Pvc Race Day Bridle W Noseband Made from PVC with noseband and strong fittings and lots of adjustment in cheek straps. Various colours. Comes in full but will adjust to fit cob size.
  24. Hanoverian Bridle with reins

    Hanoverian Brown Leather Bridle with reins Leather bridle with hanoverian noseband. White backing on browband and noseband.
  25. Horze Double Jointed Loose ring snaffle

    'Horze' Double Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle. Measured from inside to inside. Available in Large Pony (115), Cob (125), Full (135) and XL (145).
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Items 1 to 25 of 39 total

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