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Full Cheek Snaffle

Full Cheek Snaffle

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Full Cheek Snaffle

  • The full cheek applies a tiny bit of poll pressure when the rein aid is applied, and prevents the bit from being dragged through the mouth.
  • Full-cheeks are great for assisting horses who need guidence turning.
  • Ideal for use in dressage.

Made from durable stainless steel.

What is a full cheek snaffle bit used for?
 The primary benefit of the full-cheek snaffle is that it makes it easier to steer the horse and helps to ensure the rider can't pull the bit through the horse's mouth.

For this reason, the full-cheek snaffle is ideal for young horses that are just learning to steer.

Is a full cheek snaffle harsh?
 Full cheek snaffle bits are a popular choice for ponies and for horses that are ridden by children. Although any bit can be painful for a horse if used improperly or with too much pressure, a full cheek snaffle is generally understood to be one of the gentlest bits

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