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How to control flies and insects for your horse in the warmer months

When you’re at your wits end trying to control flies and insects this season, we have just the solution!


Flyveils will definitely solve most of the problem of flies around your horse’s head and face, in addition to using a good fly cream, and fly mesh rug/combo

A good fitting flyveil is a must to keep those flies from irritating your best mates face. There are many types available for your consideration, from plain to fancy – and we have something suitable for all budgets. No matter your preference, it just needs to fit well for it to work.

In addition to the fly veils, you can add fly sprays or creams. There are plenty of fly spray options but if you’re looking for a natural alternative to the insecticide sprays, we wholeheartedly recommend this product. Not only for use on your horse but yourself too, and know that it is safe to use.

Nature’s Botanical fly and insect repellent  

Available in creams, sprays or roll-on, there is a size for everyone. This great product harnesses premium natural Rosemary & Cedarwood essential oils for insect control.

It repels flies from your horse (and you!), mosquitoes, midges, sandflies, and it also effectively repels ticks and ants.

Mesh Rugs

Mesh rugs also do a great job at keeping the majority of biting insects at bay, while keeping your horse cooler than a cotton ripstop paddock rug. Many people prefer mesh in the heat because it offers a good balance between sun protection, keeping your horse cool, and offering insect protection.

It can be confusing choosing the right rug with so many choices! We can help though. It all depends on your horse and how brutal or good he/she is with their rugs. A cotton or mesh rug are the most desirable, due to their light weight and ability to keep your beauty cool. The harder PVC mesh rugs are a great choice for paddock goers as they are UV sun rated and tough.

Our anti-fly horse rug recommendations:

PVC Shadecloth

Strong PVC Material to handle most situations. 70% UV Rated-so the fabric doesn’t get hot, therefor neither does your horse.


Cool, breezy and practical for the summer days and nights. This shade cloth is made from very durable and strong nylon mesh. Super light and dries in an instant if wet. Another great rug for the prevention of those irritating flies and mozzies.


Another great choice if you don’t want all mesh for your horse, these are the best of both worlds, Durable cotton on the top to withstand the paddock as well as mesh for those pesky insects.

Still unsure?

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