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Horze Cooling Wraps

Horze Cooling Wraps

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A Cooling Wrap designed to comfort your horse's legs after exercise. These essential wraps stay soft when frozen, making it easy to wrap your horse's legs.

Four quick-grip hook-and-loop fasteners let you determine the amount of compression applied to the leg. Wraps stay well in place and help keep the cold in.

These wraps are great for treating swelling, arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons, and ligaments.

Wrap must be cooled down in a freezer before use.


Cold therapies reduce pain, inflammation and the heat associated with inflammation.

The wraps worn while racing or training can cause tendons to retain heat and should be removed when a horse is cooling out.

Cooling warm legs after exercise is an important part of injury prevention.

What do ice boots help horses with?
The Cooling Wrap Boots are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of localised swelling unwanted heat in the horse’s lower limb.

They are ideal for use directly after exercise to quickly reduce the temperature of tendons.

The soft-feel gel pack remains pliable when frozen, ensuring close contact against the tendons and fetlock joint, this allows the boot to contour around the leg and lower limb for maximum contact to key areas.


How to use the coolling boots:

  1. Place the gel pack flat in the freezer for a minimum of 2 - 4 hours. ...
  2. Ensure the outer straps of the boot are securely but comfortably fastened.
  3. Leave the ice boots on your horse for up to 40 minutes of cooling therapy treatment.
  4. For best results use directly after exercise.
  5. Can be worn on front and back legs
  6. hand wash only

Ice boots for horses to treat an injury

If you’re using cold therapy to treat an acute injury, it can be used three to four times a day for a maximum for 40 minutes at a time.

Ice is best used on acute injuries within the first two days of the injury happening.

Catching an injury early and using ice boots can help reduce the severity and thus improve the healing chances of a soft-tissue injury.

Ice boots for horses as a maintenance tool
Using ice boots for maintenance post-exercise is a routine many horse owners swear by. Following a hard schooling session, a round of cross country or trip up the gallops putting ice boots on your horse can help the ligaments and tendons recover quickly.

Again, a maximum time of 40 minutes is recommended and if the ice boots are part of a maintenance routine, wearing them once a day post-exercise is sufficient.

Veterinarians and equine professionals have varying views on how best to use ice boots and cold therapy.

We do recommend speaking to your vet or equine professional on their next visit if you’d like more advice on how ice boots could fit into your horse’s routine and benefit their limb health.

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